We are your team

Every business needs a team that makes things happen. It can be hard to find the right people or hire for specific projects.

Until now.

We offer an experienced team in business, technology and marketing that you can use on demand to help you execute entrepreneurship and corporate innovation.

We support our clients throughout this process, increasing visibility and communications while controlling costs. Each phase of this process is managed by experienced staff, making us your best operations team.


Interim Management

Santiago Millán

Head of Business

Alejandro Falcón

Head of Digital

Angela Pavón

Strategy Manager

Antonio De Siloniz

Product Manager & Venture Builder

Juan Antonio Madueño

CXO – Project Manager and Interface Designer

Miguel Navarro Mantas

Full Stack – Backend

Ruben Alcalá

Full Stack – App Developer

Pedro Jurado

Advisor to CTO

Paolo Mazzacani

Full Stack Developper & UX

Tadeo Aznar



A sample of our succesful and ongoing projects