Work as a Service

Jincana is a team of experts in strategy, product development and digital marketing and we facilitate the execution of entrepreneurship and corporate innovation. From conceptualization to go-to-market, Jincana centralizes your team so you can focus on running your business.

Who we work with:

  • Entrepreneurs: Teams that are developing or launching a new business, looking for support or access to funding.
  • Companies: Companies that want to innovate, develop new business models or improve their digital strategy.
  • Investors: Professionals looking to evaluate an entrepreneurial project or identify investment opportunities.


Learn - Build - Measure

We work with customers on-demand, collaborating as part of their internal team in times and jobs where we can deliver maximum value.

We use methodologies that help us succeed faster and minimize error. We normally work by milestones:

  1. Opportunity assessment – Understand project goals, identify competition and learn about the target audience.
  2. Concept design – We validate the needs of your target audience and build a business model that we use to conceptualize a solution.
  3. Pilot testing – We create prototypes to validate the concept, collecting feedback from the target audience.
  4. Launch testing – Identify and explore optimal go-to-market channels, maximizing adoption and traction.
  5. Scale – We enhance the solution and incorporate feedback, before launching to a wider audience.