We accelerate digital projects

Do you want to innovate, launch a digital product or engage more audiences for your business, but you don’t know where to start?

Jincana helps companies uplift their business and differentiate from competition through the smart use of technology.

We are a team of experts in strategy, product development and marketing and we want to help you to efficiently design and execute your digital innovation projects. Along your value chain, from conceptualization to go-to-market, Jincana centralizes your execution team so you can focus on running your business.

  • Entrepeneurs: Teams that are developing or launching a new business, looking to optimize their resources or access funding.
  • Companies: Companies that want to develop a new line of business, an innovative project, improve their digital strategy or collaborate with startups.
  • Investors: Professionals looking to evaluate an entrepreneurial project or enhance an invested project.


Learn - Build - Measure

We use a progressive learning process, interacting with the market on a recurring basis to avoid committing resources too soon and reducing noise.

We collect and analyze information on an ongoing basis at all stages of our process, using criteria and metrics that help on the decision making process.

We iterate on a basic concept in order to incorporate new functionalities and be able to offer the market improved versions of the initial product.